Sport brings people together on neutral ground and gives them purpose. It also serves as a way to bring people together who would not otherwise meet. It brings leaders, members of the community and the nation together so that they may discuss what is happening within the community.

The Foundation has embarked on a journey that seeks to use sports as one of the arsenals to achieve social interaction between warring communities. The foundation uses athletics as a great armoury for establishing cohesiveness in ensuring that every person gets a chance to interact amicably without referring to past differences. Sports for peace is one of the major ways of building trust in the foundation that is now well known and respected in the region.

From the foundation’s work in promoting peace through sports in refugee camps in Kenya, It was discovered that there were very talented athletes in the camp but they had no options to further their careers. Ambassador Tegla Loroupe therefore decided to speak with Thomas Bach, The President of the International Olympic Committee, about the possibility of creating a refugee team, as a joint initiative with the United Nations Refugee Agency.


Through her foundation Tegla also started theTegla Loroupe Peace Academy Center in Eastern Kenya as a school for orphans and children from poor families, who would otherwise not have the resources to get an education. The children attending the school are encouraged to learn but also to run and play sports.


The academy has had over 800 pupils since it began. The school provides boarding facilities, nutritious food and sports opportunities, among other things, so as to ensure children selected from cattle-rustling-prone areas of Northern Kenya, Eastern Uganda and South Sudan receive quality education and become future leaders and ambassadors of peace in their communities.


The issues in rural kenya are multi-dimensional and they hinder the rural population to utilize the available options to generate sustainable livelihoods for themselves. Conflict among pastoral communities is mainly brought about by the lack of natural resources. This is mainly due to lack of water for livestock. This leads to the lack of opportunities of generating income and infrastructural facilities. Environmental conservation efforts are therefore necessary  to solve these issues. The foundation also supports environmental programmes that seek to help and assist affected communities.