The Tegla Loroupe Boxing Club

Boxing is another sport that we use to promote cohesion and social integration. It is a popular sport especially among the youth. 

Since boxing as a sport promotes respect, discipline and self-control. Therefore, it teaches the young boxers that they can only get what they want based the effort that they put in. Hence, it is seen as a good stepping stone towards reaching the youth in low income areas so as to communicate with them on social issues as well as empower them.

The Tegla Loroupe Boxing Club is located in Kawangware a low income informal settlement area within Nairobi county. It provides a safe haven for young people since it keeps them away from negative activities like; crime, radicalization and drug addiction.

Seeing the performances of our boxers and knowing what they have gone through really motivates us to dedicate ourselves to being the best that we can and strive as much as possible to ensure that their talents are cultivated to the optimum potential.

A group photo of some of the members of the Tegla Loroupe Boxing Club 

Boxers Shocasing their talent in Kapenguria