The Tegla Loroupe Peace Foundation organizes Peace Races among various communities within the Greater Horn of Africa Region (GHA).
This is a peace building initiative used by the Foundation to build trust among the warring communities.

To this end, the Foundation holds races annually in West Pokot, Kapenguria, Tana River and Moroto in Uganda.

Moroto-Uganda Peace Race: The 4th Edition Moroto Peace Race was held at Moroto Town in Moroto District
North East of Uganda. The Karamajong and Pokot communities are the major inhabitants of Moroto region. This has been a very hostile region in terms of banditry, cattle rustling/raids since pre-colonial periods. Learn More

Southern Sudan Peace Race: Sudan has just come out of the longest civil war in Africa with several millions of people having lost their lives as a result and millions more displaced. Currently, there is still war in the Darfur region of Western Sudan. On 9th January 2005, there was the historic signing of the Collective Peace Agreement (CPA) where the late Dr. John Garang De Mabior and President Omar Al Bashir agreed to end the civil war.  Learn More

Tana-River Peace Race: The Tana River peace race was the first TLPR to be held in Kenya after Kapenguria. It was the second peace race held in 2005 after the Moroto peace race held in April in Moroto town. The race attracted over 2500 people from Tana River who included participants, leaders and fans. There were also participants from West Pokot and Turkana. Learn More
Kapenguria Peace Race
Maralal Peace Race
Turkana Peace Race